Jason Schlosberg

Shutdown Stories Featured in DCist

Jason Schlosberg
Jason Schlosberg works at the Department of Transportation. He says the Shutdown has increased his personal stress, and caused him to seek forgiveness from creditors. He is spending more time at home on house projects and with his kids.

On the last day of the Shutdown, DCist featured our project. One of our models was featured in the story, Jason Schlosberg.

“I hear talks of large numbers and it’s all kind of like white noise,” says Jason Schlosberg, a Department of Transportation worker who participated in the project. “We’re not just numbers or statistics. I think the media has only scratched the surface.

“There is a lot of pressure,” Schlosberg says. “We’re forced to contact all our creditors and ask for forgiveness during the shutdown. It’s affected doing simple things like paying our mortgage for the month or our children’s daycare.

“We’re all kind of at our wits end.” Schlosberg continued, “I cannot control politics. I can post on Facebook and vent, but that’s the extent of my control. I’m trying to realize I don’t have control over this. I’m just trying to do the best I can with this situation.”

You can see the whole story here on DCist!

Shutdown Stories Featured on ExposedDC

Exposed DC highlighted the Shutdown Story on their website today. “Local photographers Kirth Bobb and Geoff Livingston have teamed up on a project to share the stories of people impacted directly by the government shutdown.” You can see the story here.

Both Geoff and Kirth won awards in ExposedDC’s 13th annual photography competition for their photos Pulse and My Neighbor, respectively. You can see the photos here.

They will both be at the opening night celebration of the Exposed DC Photography Show on Wednesday, February 13 at Touchstone Gallery. Please join them there!

PetaPixel Features the Shutdown Stories Project

PetaPixel featured the Shutdown Stories Project on their website here today.

Kirth Bobb and I quietly pushed the button late yesterday afternoon on The Shutdown Stories Project website. We were and are going to push it live slowly through the weekend, but PetaPixel already picked up the story. So here is our Shutdown Stories Project as covered there. Special thanks to Jarrett Hendrix and the Creative Hands Studio for hosting us last week.

Shutdown Stories Featured on WUSA-9

WUSA-9 visited Creative Hands Studio to talk with Kirth Bobb and Geoff Livingston as they photographed more than 20 affected federal workers. Matt Gregory, WUSA-9 Reporter for GetUp DC, recorded the insider’s perspective from the shoot. Check it out.

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